Glim Beren


I am the younger of two sons. My family are famous crafters of enchantments and scrolls. My father tried his best but I never got the knack of such fine work. When the time came for me to join the family business, my father said that having a son so dim must be a prank of Garl Glittergold and bid me find my own way in the world.

My brother Bilfri is twelve years older than me. He carries on my father’s work. He is everything a good gnome should be. He is clever. He sings and tells jokes. Handsome. Everything I am not. It was he who gave me my second name Dimglim.

I lived with the big folk for a long time searching for something I could do. Finally I got a job in the kennel of a lord. I learned that animals understand my heart like my people do not.
The lord was not a good person. He trained his dogs to fight. He was mean to them because he thought it made them better fighters.

Bristleback was his best fighter but the fighting made him sad and mad. But he liked me. One night he won a big fight but was hurt bad and was close to death. All night I prayed to Ehlonna. Ehlonna heard me and Bristleback’s wounds were healed. We both decided it would be better if we left, and before dawn ran away together.

This is made the lord very angry. He sent his wizard to kill me and get Bristleback. The wizard found us and was casting his spell when Bristleback tripped his horse. He fell off his horse and his spell mostly missed me. He was knocked out, but I lost my ear. I jumped on Bristleback and he carried me deep into Reaching Woods.

There we healed and lived off the land. After two or three full moons the druid Valanthe came to our camp. Ehlonna spoke to her and guided her to us. It was then I trained to be a druid. After I passed the rites, Bristleback and I went to find a place where we could protect the trees and animals from those who would tear them down.

We are still searching. Seems like we keep finding folk in need of a kind heart and a sharp bite.

Height: 3’ 7” Weight: 47lbs Age: 71

• Missing half of ear and hair on left side of head
• Burn scar on left side of face

• Uncontrollable rage towards animal
• Nervous around learned people
Goals in Life
• Find a druid grove to call home
• Protect nature, oppressed animals and
• Have and get a chuckle


Glim Beren

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