Crystals of Control

Seaside holiday

Notes from February 12th session

The story opens with our party four days into their week long wait in Zet for Tyron to arrive.

On the morning of day five, Sam goes on a shopping spree to locate scrolls that he can transcribe into his tome of magic. The afternoon sees him cloistered in our inn room. Glim takes the opportunity to stake out the offices of J&T Shipping to see if any new leads emerge for us to pursue. Nothing promising occurs and Glim returns to the inn.

Shortly after midnight day six, the party infiltrates the home of Quentin. Using invisibility and silence spells they access Quentin's study. We learn the location for the scheduled meeting with Tyron will be at a local security firm. Before dawn we case the joint. Based on our observations we decide we'll use Sam's familiar in spider form and through his ability to see and hear through it will be able to monitor the meeting.

One PM day seven. Tyron's meeting with Quentin and other conspirators. Our first time we lay eyes, spiders eyes, on our primary target. A well-dressed, tall human with close cropped hair and goatee. From the meeting we learn the security firm is slowly infiltrating local businesses and, most recently, municipal administration. Quentin reports he's been able to refine the use of crystals to influence minds rather than overthrow them and gives Tyron his latest jewelry set with the crystals.

We also learn they are establishing a new hub on an island, and there are repeated mentions of a "stockpile."

The meeting ends and with the invisible spider hitching a ride on Tyron's satchel we track device him back to his room. We narrowly avoid being discovered and carefully follow Tyron to a music hall where an invisible Sam steals his satchel and we make our get away.

From there we quickly make our way to the alchemist contact from Richardo. We update her and hand over the contents of the satchel. She decides there's enough of concern she will travel to Richardo's manor to pass the message and the contents of the satchel to him in person. Before we leave she gave us a sketch of a symbol to look for in towns that will indicate people who will help us.

Disguised, we steal out of the city and begin a week long trek to the coastal town where we can make our way to the island hub.


kelaar kelaar

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